Telepele Friends Bonus

Receive a bonus every time your friend refills her Telepele account!

How it works:

When your friend uses Telepele for the first time, she must call your phone number.  This first call registers you as her friend in our database.

Every time when your friend refills her Telepele account, we will credit a 5% bonus of the refilled sum to your Telepele account and also a bonus of 5% to your friend's Telepele account.

For example:

Let's say your Lattelecom telephone number from which you use Telepele is "67123456". The first call your friend must make when she calls with her Lattelecom phone with Telepele is "1030 67123456". If your friend uses the Telepele mobile app she should call 0037167123456. You are now registered as her friend in our database.

When your friend refills 10 EUR with her Telepele account, you and your friend will receive a 50 cents bonus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:

Tel.: 67651010
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Clients' Comments

Galina Grappe

"I recommend Telepele 1030 service to all my friends! I am sure that it is the best way to call abroad. All my family is very satisfied with the quality and the tariffs. We call to the USA and Russia for 5 sant./min."

Galina Grappe,
65 years old


"Very high quality and cost-effective service! Never any connection problem. Thanks to Telepele 1030 we now can afford often communication with our daughter, who lives abroad. We are really satisfied with everything!"

Andris Krumins,
60 gadi


"Cheaper can be only for free! I am satisfied with Telepele 1030 service. Although I make calls to France, America, Russia and sometimes to Great Britain, it feels like I call to my neighbors, who live in Latvia. The fact that all the calls are international is not reflected on my wallet."

Edvin Brunch,
50 years old


"Telepele is a partner you can rely on. Easy and fast to use, easy to top up the credit, but the most important advantage is that the user does not lose his personal identification – it is shown the caller's telephone number. Before each call the user is informed about the tariff per minute."

Rihard Lazorenko,
SIA “K7 Lines”


"Telepele 1030 is a very good service! It had been too expensive to call abroad from the fixed phone before, everything has changed with the Telepele 1030. I am very much obliged to the Telepele 1030 workers for informing me about this service. I am definitely going to use Telepele 1030 again in the future!"

Evgenija Grigorjeva,
82 years old



"Calling abroad with Telepele 1030 is convenient and cheap! The connection is good – I am satisfied. I call to Russia for 5 sant./min."

Larisa Shmalj,
47 years old