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About Us

The Telepele 1030 Service is provided by SIA Rigatta, a licensed Latvian Telecom operator.

Rigatta was founded in 2005. Our main business activities are telecommunication and IT services.

We provide fixed telephone and also IT services for corporate clients (Rigatta brand), prefix dialing (Telepele 1030 brand) and also call-through services (Nulltel brand).

Our first services were launched for corporate clients. We provide Managed Business services which are used by corporate clients who call very intensively, like law firms. The Managed Services offer extreme cost-savings.

The Nulltel Call-Through service was launched in February, 2007.

The Telepele 1030 service is very cost effective, has transparent tariffs, can be instantly used, requires no registration. The user pays as she/he uses it, no obligations, no bills at the end of the month, no unpleasant surprises - simply fair.

Rigatta also provides Call Center Technology. The Call Center software is hosted in a data center and requires no installation in the offices of the client. It minimizes telecommunication costs and saves time of sales agents.

Our aim is to give freedom to our clients and provide the most cost-effective possibilities to communicate with high quality.

Please, find information regarding Rigatta´s telecom license and other public information about our telecom activities at the website of the Latvian Telecom Regulator SPRK.

Telepele 1030
SIA Rigatta

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